Tommy Hough at a basketball court in Mira Mesa

Leadership for the heart of San Diego

For too long our District 6 neighborhoods haven't had anyone fighting for our middle class at City Hall. We need our roads rebuilt. We need our parks and libraries restored. We need to protect our canyons and open space. We are the Heart of San Diego where the people who power this city live. That's why I'm running for San Diego City Council.

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Infrastructure has become this election's overriding issue.

From Gold Coast to Parkdale to Montongo to Capricorn, D6 has the worst roads in the city, and the city's lack of attention speaks volumes about the absence of leadership for our communities at City Hall.
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Leading from the Front

A San Diego County Planning Commissioner, former 91X and FM 94/9 morning host, co-founder of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, environmental consultant, and the previously endorsed Democratic candidate for the District 6 seat, Tommy Hough has spoken with thousands of working San Diego neighbors on the air and on the campaign trail.

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Rebuild Our Roads Now

Our neighborhoods need real leadership to rebuild our broken streets. Gold Coast and Parkdale are the tip of the iceberg. Tell us what other roads in D6 need to be rebuilt or resurfaced.

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