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Donald Trump and the Nation’s Death Plunge into Authoritarianism

May 27, 2024

(Note: This was posted days before before Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts in a New York criminal trial for falsifying business records.) While it doesn’t top […]

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Environmentalists Should Reiterate Value, Wonder of Wilderness Act

May 9, 2024

Wilderness Watch, a Montana-based conservation nonprofit, recently contacted me about a 2010 Treehuggers International show I produced on the San Gabriel Mountains preservation effort that I reposted last week to […]

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Springtime River Hikes and Cycling Outings Around Oregon

March 23, 2024

By John DeVoe with Tommy Hough From flowering cherry blossoms to happy daffodils — to the explosions of pollen clouding car windows from Astoria to Klamath Falls — there’s no […]

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ReWild Coalition Letter to City of San Diego Environment Committee

March 8, 2024

As we have seen when thousands were flooded out of their homes and businesses during a February rainstorm, and twice in January when the ocean sent thousands of pounds of […]

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Wilderness Opportunities Remain in the San Gabriels and Mojave

March 3, 2024

This edition of Treehuggers International originally aired on March 28, 2010, on KBZT FM 94/9 in San Diego. When this episode of Treehuggers International aired in the spring of 2010, […]

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Thermal Trading is Popular — It’s Also Expensive and Unproven

March 1, 2024

This article by Kendra Chamberlain originally appeared in the Feb. 29, 2024, edition of Columbia Insight. It is shared here because of its interest to our environmental advocacy community. It […]

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Combatting Entitlement and Protecting National Parks

February 14, 2024

I often say we have amusement parks in this country, and we have National Parks, and too often Americans are completely unable to tell them apart. This can lead to […]

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Tommy to Speak on Environmental Communicators Panel

February 6, 2024

I’ll be participating in a panel discussion at this year’s Environmental Communicators Mini-Conference at the University of Oregon on Thursday, Feb. 29th — Leap Year Day — as part of […]

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Newsom Support of Dam Removals Already Underway Rings Hollow

February 1, 2024

This article by Ari Plachta originally appeared in the Jan. 31, 2024, edition of the Sacramento Bee. It is shared here because of its interest to our environmental advocacy community. […]

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Thirty Years Since the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

January 17, 2024

 If there are benchmarks we measure our lives by, then for Angelenos and Californians today is a big one, even if it wasn’t necessarily the fabled “Big One.” Today […]

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