Tommy Hough walking in front of apartments in Mira Mesa

Meet Tommy Hough

A journey from working behind the mic to leading from the front. City Hall, we're coming for you.

Your Neighbor and Advocate

Tommy and Cory's wedding day.
Tommy and Cory's wedding day.

My name is Tommy Hough (it's pronounced "how").

​​I've enjoyed a great deal of professional success in San Diego, particularly my years as a radio host at FM 94/9, KPRI, 91X, and with long-running shows like Brunch With Bob and Friends and Treehuggers International. I've also had the good fortune of working for effective, righteous environmental organizations like Surfrider and San Diego Audubon, and coordinating the ReWild Mission Bay campaign.

I've similarly enjoyed a great deal of personal success in San Diego, as my wife Cory and I met while we were both living in Bankers Hill. I later proposed to Cory at Sunset Cliffs, and we were married at Our Lady of the Rosary in Little Italy. As I was welcomed into her large, immigrant family, my sister and father relocated from our hometown of Pittsburgh to make San Diego their home too.

As the co-founder and original president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, I grew the organization into one of the largest and most influential clubs in the San Diego County Democratic Party. And with the help of neighbors, friends, and a legion of committed volunteers and true believers on my first run for San Diego City Council in 2018 we walked until we had holes in our shoes and kept it a close race in District 6 to the end. And we're doing so again, at this moment.

Neighborhoods First

I stepped away from my broadcast career to run for office because our District 6 neighborhoods continually fail to be recognized an entrenched Downtown establishment that gives more attention to our regional economic centers than the 140,000 San Diegans who make the Heart of San Diego home, and who power the jobs in Sorrento Valley, Convoy, MCAS Miramar, and across our region.

When was the last time a councilmember independent of Downtown lobbyists and special interests was fighting for us at City Hall? Our council seat continues to be co-opted by bad actors and Downtown special interests. That has to end.

Years ago Cory and I made Mira Mesa our home because we love the community, the location, and our neighbors. And ​​I'm running for City Council because our community suffers from decades of deferred maintenance in the form of broken roads that need to be rebuilt, not just repaved, ineffective transit options, needed streetlights, persistent and public safety concerns.

We need effective planning now to manage how new housing is built in our commuinities so we're not adding more traffic to our congested streets, and we desperately need a fearless advocate to lean on developers to ensure new developments have more than adequte amounts of park space for new residents. And we must restore our built infrastructure before it fails further.

I'm running for City Council because our city is in the midst of a homeless crisis that needs a menu of compassionate solutions. I don't want more kids forced to do their homework under the dome light of a parked car on Gold Coast, or any other street.

I will not stand for any more of our unsheltered neighbors to suffer and die on our city streets, be subjected to harrassment and medeival diseases, or cry broken and alone on a bus stop bench.

I'm running for City Council because I'm committed to restoring our infrastrucuture, fulfilling our Climate Action Plan, preserving our wildly diverse environment, supporting ratepayers instead of shareholders, holding developers to promises to build parks of real acreage, manage the implementation of Pure Water along Miramar Rd., and capture and treat stormwater so our creeks, beaches, and bays no longer become toxic soups during stormy weather.

I'm running for City Council because I believe in NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST with safe streets and sidewalks, healthy canyons, vibrant neighborhoods, and restored infrastructure. I need your support today. And if you've got questions, I'd love to hear them. Send me an e-mail or call at (619) 805-6365.

Tommy At The Radio Station
On the air at FM 94/9 in 2010.
Speaking at the Clairemont Town Council.
Speaking at the Clairemont Town Council.
With neighbors at Mira Mesa Community Park.
With neighbors at Mira Mesa Community Park.