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A Note from Cory About Tommy’s Birthday Weekend

Hi, I’m Cory – Tommy’s wife.

Tommy gets so busy with his campaign and his work as a County Planning Commissioner he sometimes forgets to make time for himself, which is why I wanted to let you know his birthday is this Sunday, October 10th.

When Tommy and I first met, one of the things I liked about him was his genuine, easygoing nature. Even when Tommy was on the radio he was a thoughtful guy without any pretense.

Tommy has always made me feel safe to be myself and laugh, and he’s still the same good-natured guy whether he’s speaking with a few people or addressing a crowd.

Whether you’ve known Tommy from his time on the air or hugging trees or running for office, I hope you’ll take a moment to make a gift to him this weekend in the form of a contribution to his campaign for San Diego City Council.

Make a Birthday Contribution to Tommy’s campaign for San Diego City Council today.

Tommy works so hard with everything he does, and he’s determined to provide the leadership for District 6 so many of you have spoken to him about.

Right now he needs the support to keep his campaign competitive – so I hope you can lend a hand during his birthday weekend.

Also, I hope you’ll come out and walk for Tommy and then come back for birthday cake next Saturday, October 16th, at 11 a.m. at Mesa Verde Park in Mira Mesa. Tommy and the team will get you more information about next weekend’s canvassing event, but take a moment now to join me in wishing my husband a very Happy Birthday.