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An Environmental Tipping Point for San Diego

We’re reaching an environmental crisis point in our city.

The City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan is drawing scrutiny for lacking the teeth needed to reach its goals by 2035, our city’s Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) is threatened, and our beaches continue to be poisoned in toxic runoff events triggered by our infrequent rainfall.

It’s become clear that even as San Diego has become more blue – it has a long way to go to become green.

As the co-founder of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, I helped lead efforts to prevent the widening of freeways, fought sprawl proposals like Lilac Hills and Newland Sierra, and as an early advocate for Community Choice Energy (CCE) I continue to champion widespread rooftop solar use.

At ReWild Mission Bay I’ve also worked to restore native wetlands and salt marshes, I’ve fought to preserve the sanctity of our nature preserves, and I’m determined to bring electric buses and more effective routes to our congested District 6 communities to get cars off the road – and give our neighbors real transit options.

Even my old radio show on FM 94/9 was called Treehuggers International.

That’s why Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and Kristen Victor are inviting you to join my environmental colleagues and supporters at a holiday fundraiser for our San Diego District 6 campaign next Sunday, Dec. 12th, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the home of Dr. Cary Lowe.

RSVP today to join us at our Environmental Leaders Fundraiser on Dec. 12th, or make a contribution to our grassroots effort today.

With December the end of the year is in sight – and with it, a big fundraising deadline on Dec. 31st. That’s why I’m asking you to take a moment to support our campaign today, and to let your friends, family, and neighbors know I’m the environmental champion and the only environmental candidate running for San Diego City Council in District 6.

Now is the moment I need your support. Make a contribution to our campaign today. If you’ve given earlier in the campaign, dig a little deeper to help give our campaign a strong finish to the year, and join us at our event at Dr. Cary Lowe’s home on Sunday the 12th. The flyer is below.

Thank you for your ongoing support.