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Announcing My Candidacy for San Diego City Council District 6

As more of our neighbors are vaccinated and the immediate threat of COVID-19 begins to recede, the challenges that faced our neighborhoods prior to 2020 are still there, and in some cases have worsened.

It takes way too long to rebuild our broken streets and sidewalks. The rent for many is too high. Our beaches still become toxic soups during storms. And, in addition to these everyday issues, our Asian neighbors, friends, and family members are facing a rising tide of hatred and prejudice – an intolerable proposition for anyone in this country.

That’s why I’m declaring my candidacy today for the San Diego City Council District 6 seat.

I want to ensure San Diego truly “builds back better” by safeguarding our environment, investing in our infrastructure, and protecting every one of our neighbors. Together, we can restore the American Dream of safe streets, good schools, vibrant neighborhoods and healthy canyons and watersheds.

As a San Diego County Planning Commissioner, the founding president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, and a broadcast journalist I’ve fought to protect open space, restore our natural wetlands, and revitalize our neighborhoods. I will put forth a municipal plan to fix our streets, restore our parks, and protect our neighbors.

When I ran as the endorsed Democratic candidate for the District 6 seat in 2018, my team and I launched a grassroots coalition that knocked on every door in the district. In many areas, we did so twice. I’m looking forward to resuming these conversations in order to hear my neighbors’ and fellow San Diegans’ concerns and priorities.

But to win, I need your help. I can’t make any of this happen without raising the funds we’ll need to compete. Many of you know how close we came to winning in 2018, so please know your contribution will be critical in building momentum, support, and viability in defeating the special interests.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having a competitive war chest. Please visit today and make a contribution.

You know I’m a fighter who will always put our neighborhoods first. Let’s send a message to City Hall.

Photo by Greg Hoxsie