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Built quickly and on the cheap in 1970 upon loose soils with poor drainage, the roadbeds of Gold Coast and Parkdale failed years ago, leaving them in the poor state they’ve been in for over two decades.

​While the city has finalized plans to rebuild Gold Coast and Parkdale from the ground up, residents have been told again and again ground was to be broken on the projects (most recently by March 2021), only to find nothing occurring, and the wear and tear on their vehicles continuing.

There’s also wear and tear on the MTS fleet that services Gold Coast, along with the San Diego Unified School District buses delivering students to the three school along Gold Coast: Salk Elementary, Mason Elementary, and Wangenheim Middle.

And it’s not just Gold Coast and Parkdale. Many of our other streets and roads in District 6 are also in poor shape and need to be rebuilt too, including Perseus, Bootes, Saluda, Port Royale, and Jade Coast in Mira Mesa, along with North Limerick in Clairemont.

Please sign our neighbors’ petition to the city to accelerate efforts to rebuild our critical arterials, read my Feb. 2019 Times of San Diego opinion piece on the infrastructure failure along Gold Coast, and watch this CBS 8 News package on Gold Coast from early 2019.

Thanks to friend and supporter Leoangelo Reyes for sharing the photo of him perched atop the “Mt. Mira Mesa” road fold. This kind of obstruction is an unacceptable danger to normal traffic – no oil pan is safe. This is why I’m running – to at last bring some attention to what the residents of D6 need, not what Downtown tells us again and again that we want.