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Cory Hough: Let Me Tell You About My Husband

I’m a very lucky woman.

When Tommy and I were married at Our Lady of the Rosary in Little Italy in 2006, I knew I was marrying a good man. Now I know I married an exceptional one.

Along with his sense of humor, decency, and easygoing attitude, I love Tommy for his integrity. He means what he says. He is kind, honest, and faithful – faithful to his family, to our marriage, and our community.

Tommy knows the sacrifices you and your family are going through. He tells me about the neighbors and families he meets and the struggles they face when he comes home from canvassing. He knows how difficult it is for families in this economic climate and uncertain time, whether you have children, are caring for aging parents, or are just trying to make it financially.

As we work to keep food on the table, we shouldn’t have to worry about our community. With your support, when Tommy is elected he’ll ensure our quality of life in District 6 is maintained so we can focus on caring for our families.

Tommy won’t compromise or make decisions that betray our neighbors. He has our best interests at heart. When things are moving too fast, he’ll step on the brakes. He will make an incredible councilmember and, at last, provide the leadership and advocacy our communities have needed for so long at City Hall.

Can you help elect Tommy and his Neighborhoods First campaign for District 6 by making a contribution to his campaign today? Now is the moment he needs funding so he and the team can plan for the fall.

Please share this with your loved ones, neighbors, and everyone who wants an effective leader in our corner. Thank you for all the support you continue to give my husband.