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Don’t Let Downtown Decide the Future of Our Neighborhoods

The Downtown special interests that are bankrolling my opponent know we have the issues and arguments for a better District 6. That’s why they’re trying so hard to stop our campaign’s momentum.

This spring I took strong positions against the dangerous lane realignment on Gold Coast Drive and the attempt to radically rezone south University City. In both cases our communities won. And in both cases my opponent remained silent on these critical neighborhood matters.

I believe in putting our Neighborhoods First, which is why I’m the candidate Downtown lobbyists and City Hall insiders fear the most.

I will break the cycle of building more housing no working San Diego family can afford. Instead, I will pursue truly affordable housing options so neighborhood kids and grandkids don’t have to move away from the communities they grew up in. In addition:

  • I remain opposed to the 101 Ash Street deal that’s costing us $86 million (!) in road and park funds.
  • I do not support the city’s new Mira Mesa Community Plan that will increase its population by 42 percent (!), doesn’t include additional park acreage, and will remove lanes from Mira Mesa Blvd.
  • I believe we should fix our roads and restore our infrastructure instead of building a ridiculous “aerial gondola” (!) to move people around Mira Mesa.
  • I will pursue real transit improvements in District 6, not science fiction solutions.

We don’t need another District 6 councilmember who only looks after Downtown special interests. We need someone who will advocate for what our D6 communities NEED.

You know I’ll be a champion for District 6 at City Hall, not a puppet of special interests. Make a contribution to our campaign today, and tell your friends, family, and neighbors we only get one shot at this!