Thank you to everyone who supported us with a sign.

Downtown Knows We Have the Arguments On Our Side

With two weeks to go until Election Day, our race is closer than ever. And they’re getting nervous Downtown.

I want to thank everyone who has stepped up to spread the word about our Neighborhoods First effort by walking precincts and calling neighbors over the last several weeks. You’re getting this campaign over the line.

Every day, as we talk with our District 6 neighbors from University City through Mira Mesa to Kearny Mesa and Scripps Ranch, I’m struck by the depth of passion, knowledge, and sense of history our neighbors have for their communities.

These are the neighborhood voices we should consider as our city and communities grow. That’s why I’m running. And that’s why I need your help to win these last two weeks. Every dollar we raise goes directly to support our campaign.

Earlier I caught up with a neighbor in his driveway. “Tommy, you’ve already got our vote. You know why? You’re walking down our street and doing the work. We see you with your signs, you’re the grassroots guy, your volunteers are excited, your message is positive and you’re looking out for us. Thank you!”

I’m fighting to put our middle class neighbors first. Downtown knows we have the arguments on our side, and they can tell they’re losing. That’s why they’re punching down at us every chance they get in the mailbox and on social media. Don’t be fooled by the late-October smear tactics. We will show them some spine.

In these last few days, make a contribution to help us maintain our momentum. Let’s win this, together, for our District 6 communities and our city.