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Help Maintain Our Momentum and Fight for Our Neighborhoods

We’re now less than 100 days until the election, but ballots are due to arrive in mailboxes in early October – that means we barely have two months. That’s not much time.

It may be summer, but we are in THE THICK of the general election season RIGHT NOW.

That means I need your support right now. By October, it’s already Get Out the Vote time, and most of our expenses will already be behind us. We need your contributions right now, at this moment.

As the Sierra Club-endorsed, Neighborhoods First candidate fighting developers and Downtown special interests, I need your support more than ever to maintain our momentum and FIGHT BACK for our neighborhoods.

  • It’s time to start building housing that people who work for a living and go to school can obtain and afford.
  • It’s time for leadership to increase the volume of permanent supportive housing to address our homeless crisis.
  • It’s time for greater transparency and accountability in city government so costly scams like 101 Ash Street no longer occur.
  • It’s time to start LISTENING to our neighborhoods instead of burdening residents with unnecessary taxes and greater expenses.
  • It’s time to preserve and respect our environment, clean air, clean water, and our open space.
  • With road and park funds being used to pay for the city’s 101 Ash Street settlement, it’s time for the city to restore our broken streets in District 6 and stop leaving D6 communities behind!

My establishment-backed opponent is doing his best to remain unseen, and is waiting for his supporters’ attack mail to do his dirty work for him.

But we are out with our team every day talking with neighbors as the only grassroots effort running for San Diego City Council this cycle.

The good news is with your help, we will WIN. But I need funding NOW to fight back as Downtown special interests dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the D6 race to keep things just the way they are at City Hall.

So many of you have already been so generous. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to compete with my establishment-backed opponent. But if everyone reading this today could just give just $5 or $10 – if not $100 or $200 – we’d be well on our way.

If you’ve already given, please dig deep and give again. If you haven’t given yet, we need your support NOW.

Remember, we only get one shot at this. Let’s not wake up the day after Election Day realizing we could have done more to put our Neighborhoods First.

Let’s get our roads rebuilt, and ensure City Hall hears our communities at last! Now is the moment!