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It’s Time to End Downtown’s Co-Opting of Our Council Seat

Thank you to everyone who joined us this weekend to canvass our District 6 neighborhoods – and a reminder we’re back with the October edition of Pints With Tommy this Thursday, Oct. 21st, at 4 p.m. at Green Flash Brewing at 6550 Mira Mesa Blvd., at the intersection with Flanders Dr.

If you’re new to our campaign, if we stopped by and spoke with you or left a flyer, or if you simply want to talk more about the issues you’re concerned with in District 6, stop by this Thursday for our October Pints With Tommy at Green Flash, one of our flagship “Beeramar” craft beer outlets.

For years, Mira Mesans have seen their community and council seat co-opted by Downtown special interests that run, and elect, one candidate after another to do Downtown’s bidding and serve Downtown interests, rather than advancing the interests of our neighborhoods. From Chris Cate to Lori Zapf to Carl DeMaio back when the Mira Mesa community was still in District 5, this has to stop.

I’m running for San Diego City Council so our D6 neighbors finally have real representation at City Hall. That’s why I was the endorsed Democratic candidate for the D6 seat in 2018 – and why Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer appointed me to serve you on the San Diego County Planning Commission.

It’s time to rebuild our broken roads and invest in our parks, libraries, and recreation centers. Let’s reinvest in our infrastructure, ensure we’re managing growth in a sensible manner with effective transit, and retrofit our more dangerous, high-speed suburban spaces.

And let’s protect our environment to ensure we have clean canyons, clean air, clean water, healthy beaches, less traffic, and advance a real effort to meet our city’s Climate Action Plan goals NOW.

We use the slogan Neighborhoods First for a reason – because it’s time for real leadership in the Heart of San Diego in District 6.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.