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Environmental Leaders Rally for Tommy at Historic Home

I’ve been fighting for our neighborhoods and the environment for years, and I’ll continue to stand up for our canyons, watersheds, open space, species diversity, quality of life, and access to renewable energy as forcefully on San Diego City Council as I do as a San Diego County Planning Commissioner.

While I’ll advance our environmental cause and protect our gains and best practices, as part our “Neighborhoods First” banner I’ll also lead on a restoration of our infrastructure in District 6 and around the city – so we can finally rebuild broken streets like Gold Coast Drive, restore our Clairemont libraries, end chronic graffiti, and add lights to better illuminate our roads.

To that end I hope you’ll join us at 4 p.m. today for our Environmental Leaders Fundraiser and campaign kickoff with Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina at the historic Crown Point home of Donal and Florence Hord, with landscaping and gardens designed by Kate Sessions.

Contribute now at our event page or RSVP at, and download an event flyer for this afternoon.

Let’s talk more in a few hours!