Catching up with neighbors on the campaign trail.

Let’s Bring Neighborhoods First Over the Finish Line

Santa Ana season has arrived and it’s been a hot few days, but that doesn’t stop us from walking our communities and talking with neighbors, just as we’ve been doing for the last 16 months.

Not only have the offers of water been appreciated, but the way we talk to each other has been too – friendly, sincere, and with hope for our future.

Not many neighborhoods in San Diego have what we do: a vitality and belief that, if our voices our heard, we can make a difference in our future.

We’ve been running hard throughout this campaign with people power and sweat equity. We may not have the Downtown institutional support that my opponent does, but we have your support. And that’s all that matters.

Now more than ever, I need your help to bring our Neighborhoods First campaign over the finish line. We’re almost there.

Join us as we walk, call, and contact our neighbors for their support and vote!

If you can’t help with a volunteer shift or two, help us close our financial gap by making a contribution today.

As we demonstrated in the primary this spring, and in my 2018 council race, no one makes a dollar go further than our team.

I’m the grassroots candidate already going to bat fighting for neighborhoods. While my opponent is looking out for the Downtown special interests that recruited him and are funding his campaign – with help from many of the same politicians behind the 101 Ash Street settlement that will strip away at least $86 million in city road and park funds – I know we can do better.

I see it and hear it in the support my team and I receive every day at the door. I will always fight to put our middle class neighbors and ratepayers first. In these last days, make a contribution to help us maintain our momentum.

Let’s win this, together.

Neighborhoods First.