Let’s Talk Transit in District 6

At the San Diego Democrats for Environmental Action District 6 forum on Nov. 17th, I was asked what makes D6 unique compared to the city’s other eight council districts. The answer was clear.

District 6 is the council seat most often left behind when it comes to effective community transit options that would not only result in cleaner air, but less congestion on our crowded roads and horrendously broken streets.

Granted, with University City likely joining us in District 6, our newly-aligned district boundaries may now encompass the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension in UTC.

While that’s good news for our neighbors to the west, in Mira Mesa we’re still starving for bus routes to take commuters to and from employment and economic centers like MCAS Miramar and Sorrento Valley in a reasonable amount of time.

Imagine how just a few electric buses could chip away at the traffic on our hyper-congested streets – and get our family members and neighbors to their jobs more effectively and safely.

It’s not a revolutionary proposal, but given the way Mira Mesa and District 6 have been left behind by Downtown, transit is another piece of our leadership deficit at City Hall. As your next District 6 councilmember, I’ll make effective transit a priority.

We pay our taxes, but San Diego District 6 has been left behind for way too long, and the Downtown special interests that have bought their way into this race won’t solve it. Only assertive, clear, and effective leadership for our communities will bring solutions. That’s why I’m running for San Diego City Council.

That’s also why I’ve earned the support of County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and other elected officials and community members, and it’s why our campaign slogan is Neighborhoods First.

I invite you to reach out if you have questions, and let us know if you’d like to host a neighborhood coffee to meet with your friends and neighbors. We’re in this together.