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My Note to the Mayor and City Council Regarding Ash Street

An initial version of this message was sent to the mayor and city council via e-mail early on Monday, July 25th. This version of the letter was submitted via the city’s website on Tuesday, July 26th.

Honorable Council and Mayor of the City of San Diego,

It’s clear that the ongoing 101 Ash Street dilemma is a developing scandal, the dimensions of which continue to be revealed.

The City of San Diego was knowingly sold an asbestos time bomb and citizens, who had nothing to do with this mess, are now being put in the position to pay the price to resolve it.

Taxpayers, especially those in District 6 who have been pleading with the city to restore our infrastructure and broken streets for decades, will not be happy to see money earmarked for already-budgeted road projects, like the CIP to rebuild Gold Coast Dr. and Parkdale Ave. in Mira Mesa, used to help pay for the Ash Street settlement – earmarked at some $86 million.

Residents in our District 6 communities of Mira Mesa, Kearny Mesa, University City, Sorrento Valley, Miramar, and Scripps Ranch are already furious at the waste of tens of millions of dollars of city funds since the Ash Street facility was purchased in 2016. The use of road funds to help pay for the settlement, as detailed in a Jeff McDonald-penned article in the July 10th edition of the Union-Tribune, is nothing less than insult to injury, with no one apparently being held accountable.

I believe the city and the council should fight to get taxpayers’ money back.

Based on the legal analysis from the city’s lawyer, I ask you to reject the proposed settlement, and in the interest of all San Diegans advocate for an independent state or federal investigation to, at last, get to the bottom of this scandal and its monumental waste of money.

Accept responsibility, and fight to defend your neighbors and the people of this city who elected you.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Tommy Hough