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No More 101 Ash Street Deals

Earlier today, I sent a letter to the mayor and city council asking council to reject the proposed 101 Ash Street settlement at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Our campaign also issued a corresponding press statement.

In 2016 San Diego was knowingly sold an asbestos time bomb, and if the mayor and his allies have their way, taxpayers like us will have to pay at least $86 million, and quite possibly more, to let those who created this mess off the hook for any liability.

I am furious to see money earmarked for already-budgeted road projects, like the one to rebuild Gold Coast Dr. and Parkdale Ave. in Mira Mesa, used to help pay for the proposed Ash Street settlement. This raiding of road funds and related capital improvement program (CIP) accounts to resolve the Ash Street mess is unacceptable and indefensible. No one is being held to account.

I believe in accepting responsibility and defending the citizens of San Diego. As your councilmember, instead of settling I would fight to get our money back.

Based on the legal analysis from the city’s lawyer, city council should reject the proposed Ash Street settlement in the interest of all San Diegans, and advocate for an independent state or federal investigation to get to the bottom of this scandal and its mammoth waste of money.

As your councilmember, I will fight to ensure that these “San Diego Specials” come to an end. No more payoffs. No more “get out of jail free” deals. No more throwing money into the fireplace that could instead be used to rebuild our city.

Let’s be clear: My opponent is being supported by the mayor and his allies who want to settle this mess at our expense. But I’m supported by neighbors who believe in fighting for what is right.

I’m running to change the way things are done at City Hall – and I invite you to join our campaign and help us take our city back.