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No Time for Downtown Special Interests in District 6

The response to our campaign in District 6 has been overwhelming, and Cory and I wanted to take a moment to express our thanks for the kind and generous words.

“You’ve got our support,” one voter told me. “You have our vote,” said another. “No one has ever stopped by our home before.” “We’re happy to vote for you again.”

Perhaps the most rewarding comment I’ve received so far this cycle has been from a resident above Montongo Canyon, who said I relate to him like a neighbor instead of a politician, and that I was the only candidate he’d met who spoke about the local issues he and his family face every day.

For a grassroots campaign like ours, this is the kind of response you can’t put a price on. This is why we came as close as we did to defeating a well-funded GOP incumbent in 2018. And this is why we continue to have the support of our neighbors.

Make a contribution to our grassroots effort in District 6 today, or become a monthly contributor.

Special interests are already supporting other candidates in the District 6 race because they know I’ll be going to work for our communities and neighbors – NOT the same Downtown lobbyists that support Chris Cate and Kevin Faulconer.

But as a result, I have to work harder to raise the funds we need to remain competitive as we invest in signs, stickers, staff, and all the resources a competitive campaign needs.

Can you help us raise another $3,000 by the end of the weekend with a contribution today?

Perhaps you’d consider becoming a monthly contributor – it’s an option at our ActBlue page. If you’d like to talk more or volunteer, call me at (619) 805-6365. I’m in the neighborhood. Maybe we can get coffee with your neighbors the next week or so.

With your support, I can continue to mount a campaign that highlights our local issues, along with solutions that will enhance our quality of life in District 6. The time is now. Help us maintain our momentum by contributing to our effort today.

Many thanks.