Tommy Hough San Diego Not For Sale 2

Our Campaign for San Diego City Council Is Not for Sale

Given the state of City Hall politics, our “not for sale” message is even more important now than it was when I first ran for San Diego City Council District 6 four years ago.

Here in District 6 we’ve had to push back against a reckless lane realignment on Gold Coast Drive, an attempt to rezone south University City, and now a plan to increase the population of Mira Mesa by 42 percent (!) and replace lanes on Mira Mesa Blvd. with an “aerial skyway.”

We just want our roads fixed. We want our parks revitalized for our families. We want development that takes our neighborhood voices into account. We want our environment treated as more than a bargaining chip.

Our campaign is about putting Neighborhoods First – not Downtown first, not special interests first.

Downtown special interests aren’t funding our campaign, but neighbors like you are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support. Your donations matter far more to me than any special interest group ever could.

We live here, and you know we’ve created a special place in our District 6 communities of Mira Mesa, Kearny Mesa, University City, UTC, Sorrento Valley, Miramar, western Scripps Ranch and Rancho Encantada.

I know this because of the kindness neighbors like you have shown myself and our volunteers over the last 10 days as we canvassed through a record heat wave and were repeatedly offered cold water, shade, and support. That kindness has only increased our resolve to WIN.

We need your help today. If you can give money, time, or volunteer skills, contact us and help us win this city council seat for our District 6 communities that know what it means to be a neighbor. Let us know if you can make time to volunteer for our campaign!

We only have 57 days left, so let’s win this together!