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Priority Number One is Rebuilding Our Broken Roads

For the first time in eight years our Mira Mesa community, part of the larger San Diego City Council District 6 seat, has an opportunity to vote for a new city council representative, and finally elect a proven advocate for our Mira Mesa and D6 neighborhoods who will fight for all of us at City Hall. That’s why I’m running for San Diego City Council.

Too many streets in Mira Mesa have suffered from deferred maintenance for way too long, from arterials like Gold Coast and Parkdale to local streets like Royal Ann, Stanfield Circle, Saluda, Ambassador, and many more. We’re going to fix and rebuild these streets.

There’s a lot at stake. Downtown lobbyists, developers, and the life sciences industry have spent months buying their way into this race. But going door-to-door we know D6 is ready for a real neighborhood advocate to ensure our communities have someone looking after us and fighting on our behalf.

I’ve fought for improvements in Mira Mesa for years, from rebuilding Gold Coast Drive to restoring the Epicentre across from Mira Mesa High School, and I’m committed to restoring our parks, streets, and infrastructure.

As a San Diego Planning Commissioner, I know firsthand the challenge of building parks and preserving our open space and canyons. As your Councilmember, I will advance a robust environmental agenda to curb bad development, capture and treat stormwater before it poisons our beaches, and build effective transit so we’re not putting more cars on our congested roads.

That’s why I’ve earned the support of County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and other elected officials and community members, and it’s why our campaign slogan is Neighborhoods First.

I hope to earn your support, and I invite you to reach out if you have questions.

And please, let us know if you’d like to host a neighborhood coffee to introduce me to your friends and neighbors, or if you’d like us to drop off a yard sign.