SDPDC Progressive Endorsement 011022 1

Middle Class San Diegans vs. Downtown Insiders

San Diego County Planning Commissioner Tommy Hough won the endorsement of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club and the Point Loma Ocean Beach Democratic Club this past week over opponent Kent Lee, demonstrating the nature of the District 6 race as one between middle class San Diegans and Downtown insiders and power-brokers.

“There’s a 180-degree difference between those who are supporting our campaign vs. those who have donated to my opponent,” said Hough. “My financial supporters are made up of neighborhood residents, smart planning and environmental advocates, concerned citizens, good government advocates, and long-time supporters. Much of my opponent’s support appears to come from those who work for sprawl developers, P.R. outlets, and defense contractors.”

After winning the Progressive Democratic Club endorsement Hough told club members, “Your vote of confidence means a great deal. It lets our blue collar and middle class neighbors in District 6 know a contingent of our party supports them, supports workers, supports our neighborhoods, and supports our environment.”

“It was clear to members that Tommy is the most experienced, best qualified, and the candidate we can trust to fight for our values at City Hall,” said Ria Otero, Chair of the West Chapter of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club.

Members of the San Diego County Democratic Party Metro West caucus will meet on Jan. 31st to make an endorsement recommendation in the D6 race, in which Hough and Lee are among several candidates running.

On Jan. 10th, Hough released his financial disclosures for the second half of 2021, a full 21 days ahead of the Jan. 31st deadline to do so. Hough said he made his disclosures early so Democrats can consider financial contributions his committee received vs. those of his opponent ahead of the Metro West endorsement recommendation, which occurs the same day.

According to Hough, caucus members will not have a chance to thoroughly consider his and his opponents’ donor and financial disclosures ahead of the vote unless the information is voluntarily released early.

“A candidate’s donor information cannot be a mystery for Democrats seeking to make an endorsement in such an important race,” said Commissioner Hough. “And our D6 neighbors, particularly those in Mira Mesa, Kearny Mesa, Miramar, and Sorrento Valley are starving for genuine leadership and representation at City Hall that isn’t driven by Downtown special interests. The endorsement from the Progressive Democratic Club and the Point Loma Democratic Club shows who is at the grassroots and who is with the establishment.”

Hough’s financial disclosures are linked as a PDF here.

The Metro West caucus vote on Jan. 31st will occur six weeks ahead of the March 18th candidate filing deadline, and three months before ballots are issued by mail.