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San Diego’s Best Opportunity for Environmental Leadership

Everyone knows rebuilding our broken roads and restoring our infrastructure is my number one priority as a candidate for San Diego City Council. But as the co-founder of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action and in my service as a San Diego County Planning Commissioner, I’ve seen over the years how our remaining open space and backcountry are frequently threatened by developers.

From Lilac Hills to the Del Mar Mesa Preserve, to the proposal to build a toll road along the length of San Mateo Creek, we environmentalists have had to fight, again and again, to prevent massive developments from being dropped into wildfire-prone areas, wildlife corridors, and watersheds.

Having worked at Surfrider, and more recently as one of the leaders of the ReWild Mission Bay campaign with San Diego Audubon, I’m committed to restoring our area’s native wetlands and salt marshes.

And as the only environmentalist running for San Diego City Council, I will advance a robust environmental agenda on climate, water, air quality, open space, and transit.

To get there, however, I need your support. Can you make a contribution to San Diego’s best hope for strong environmental policy and action?

You’ve heard me say that while San Diego may have turned blue over the last several years, it’s never had a truly green environmental champion going to bat for our canyons, foothills, parks, climate, and diverse communities. As an environmentalist, that’s going to change.

The stakes are high. Downtown lobbyists have already bought their way into this race, and one of my competitors has already, unbelievably, voted in support of building an office park in a creekbed (!) in Mira Mesa.

But having been going door-to-door with my team since summer, we know District 6 is ready for a real neighborhood advocate to ensure we’re heard at City Hall, and that our community and environmental priorities are front and center.

That’s why I’ve earned the support of County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and many others, and it’s why our campaign slogan is Neighborhoods First.

And it’s why I hope to secure your support for our effort too. Make a contribution to our effort today so we hit our end of the year fundraising goals and finish strong, and join us for our Environmental Leaders Holiday Fundraiser at the home of Dr. Cary Lowe on Sunday, Dec. 12, from 3 to 5 p.m. RSVP to ensure your spot for this limited event today.