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Supporting Workers and Military Families in District 6

On Saturday, Dec. 18th, I volunteered with a community organization to lay wreaths at Miramar National Cemetery, one of our District 6 landmarks where many of our neighbors who served our country have been laid to rest.

Later, after our team wrapped up our Sunday canvassing on Dec. 19th, I brought holiday cookies to two of the strike lines in Kearny Mesa where Republic Services sanitation workers, represented by Teamsters Local 542, have gone on strike for the first time in their local history to demand a fair contract. I visited the picket lines again on the afternoon of Dec. 21st.

As long as some days are on the campaign trail, it pales to the sacrifices being made by so many here in our community, whether it’s workers forced to demand a livable wage, reasonable benefits, and safer work conditions, or veterans who served our nation, and in some cases, sacrificed themselves for it.

As we head into the holidays, Cory and I appreciate the good fortune we have, and the abundance of support we’ve found on the campaign trail promoting a Neighborhoods First approach to our representation at City Hall. That’s why I’m running for San Diego City Council.

I hope you’ll support our effort with a contribution this holiday season. Make a $50 or $100 donation before our fundraising deadline on Dec. 31st.

There is a stark choice, but also a golden opportunity before us in District 6, as we head into 2022. We can move forward with a change agent at City Hall who puts the needs of our communities first, or we can find ourselves saddled – again – with an agent of the status quo who takes their cues from Downtown developers and lobbyists, and will only exacerbate the divide between those who have and those who don’t.

We can’t take another four years of what will be Chris Cate’s ultimate legacy in District 6 of broken roads and streetlights, deferred maintenance, poor transit options, and lack of investment in our infrastructure.

That’s why I hope to earn your supportfor San Diego City Council as I put “Neighborhoods First” in the Heart of San Diego in District 6.

It’s why I’ve earned the support of Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and other elected officials and community members, and it’s why our District 6 communities are rallying around our effort now. Please show your support with a contribution to our campaign today.

Wishing you peace this holiday season.