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Thank You for Everything On Our Journey Together

A week after Election Day, it’s clear our campaign has come up short.

I’m disappointed, and I know you are too. But if our 20-month grassroots campaign has confirmed anything, it’s that our District 6 communities are the most resilient and hopeful in San Diego. Our neighbors don’t just deserve better, they deserve the best.

For months, and over the course of several pairs of shoes, you’ve shared your stories, meals, and dreams with my team and I.

From the cold bottles of water you gave us at the door during the heat of summer, to the gifts of food and fresh fruit, to helping find lost pets and changing tires, thank you for allowing our Neighborhoods First campaign to be a part of your lives.

I’m proud of what we managed to accomplish despite considerable odds at every turn, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Whether you contributed, volunteered, put a sign in your yard, put a sign in a neighbor’s yard, hosted one of our giant signs or a meet and greet, or told a friend or neighbor about our campaign – I am forever grateful.

Delivering committed middle class representation for our neighborhoods and strong environmental policy has been my overriding concern for years. I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver a winning campaign on the merit of our issues, but I wouldn’t change the experiences we’ve had or the people I’ve met along the way for anything.

Make no mistake, I won’t stop fighting for what’s right.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of special interest attack mailers against me and an abdication of leadership by my opponent does not mean District 6 has issued a blank check to developers and speculators to run roughshod over our communities.

As citizens, as taxpayers, as San Diegans – we expect our roads to be rebuilt. We expect responsible planning with the necessary infrastructure, parks, and fire stations in tandem with new housing and development. What we don’t need is more traffic.

We reject office parks being built in protected creekbeds. We don’t want aerial gondolas. Our neighbors need the increased transit, rebuilt roads, revitalized public parks and preserved open space, and increased public safety they’ve been asking City Hall about for years, and in some cases for decades. The city would do well to deliver on these basics, and our neighbors and community groups must hold the city accountable.

A bottomless thank you to my volunteers who showed up every day, who pounded the pavement with me, who came out regardless of the weather or task, and who believed. You have my heart.

Thank you for an incredible 20 months. Cory and I offer you and your families our gratitude and thanks, and wish you a joyful holiday season in the weeks to come.

One more time, with much love ––

Neighborhoods First.