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The President of Nothing

Today, Donald Trump inflicted a grievous wound upon everything the United States has stood for since 1945.

Today, instead of maintaining our role as a world leader, free with the ideas, empathy and support a nation born in hard-won liberty can provide, we have ceded that leadership.

Under a foul pretense of phony populism and patriotism in a weird, rambling and thoroughly logic-free speech, Mr. Trump cast our nation’s long-standing mantle of leadership into the wind – like a used candy wrapper or discarded newspaper. China and Russia will surely benefit from our absence.

Today, instead of leading the world by example of American grit, innovation and intelligence, President Trump has moved the United States from a column with 195 nations to a column with two – Syria and Nicaragua, the only other nations, now along with the United States, not a party to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The reasons for Syria’s absence from this landmark document are clear. The reasons for the Trump-led United States should be clear as well.

Trump is a man with no moral or ideological center. He is a child, moved only by the last people who spoke with him. In this case, it was White House adviser Steve Bannon, and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt – a man tasked with dismantling the once-laudable regulatory agency and gutting its staff of expertise and decades of research with the civility of a dumpster fire.

Trump may believe he’s a bold political juggernaut by pulling the U.S. out of a global agreement that brought together an astonishing number of nations to face down and combat climate change, but he is only defying the wishes of over half the nation’s citizens in favor of a loud, cruel constituency no longer made up of conservatives or even Republicans – but rather, talk radio listeners, internet trolls, radical authoritarians, deranged Infowars addicts and paranoid, wealthy suburbanites who can’t stop looking over their shoulder.

Trump even turned a blind eye to the dozens of CEOs and corporate leaders committed to becoming more energy efficient and reliant upon renewable energy, including business leaders he brought into his orbit to advise him. All now clearly a matter of time-wasting optics.

Even oil companies, which I am the last person to support, aren’t so cynical as to have called for the U.S. to leave the Paris Climate Accord, knowing full well that oil is a finite resource that is expensive to find, litigate and extract, and that renewable energy is cheaper to produce and infinite as long as there is sun and wind. But in the Trump White House, only the president’s enablers have access to their useful idiot, as they feed him another scrap of fake news and manipulative compliments.

If Trump or the modern Republican Party actually cared about economic issues, they’d be supportive of the move to cleaner energy for no other reason than it is becoming cheaper to harness and utilize. In developing countries that have no coal industry to protect, the price of solar is now half the price of coal. And even though China remains an importer of U.S. coal, the administration would be loathe to admit that China cancelled the construction of 110 coal plants in January – enough to meet the total annual electricity needs of Germany. China is rolling out solar at an unprecedented rate, and the whole world understands it is a far better economic move to go with unsubsidized clean energy than to stick with coal.

If we do not come together to jettison the rudderless suspicions and trivial intraparty spats when there is zero sunlight between us on the biggest issues of our time, and effectively take on the Trump White House and ongoing GOP machine of lies, evasion and ignorance, we do not deserve to inherit the leadership our nation so desperately needs.

To defeat the Wall of Ignorance across the aisle we need to repeat realities again and again, like how the state of California employs more people in the renewable energy sector than there are coal jobs in all of the United States. As the memory of a functional, bicameral legislature working on a shared reality in the interest of all Americans slips into obscurity, it has become our charge to rescue our nation from a new Dark Age.

If we don’t come together at this moment, we will miss the opportunity to reclaim the direction of our nation and willfully carry what I call the “burden of the party of good government.” We must focus, NOW, on 2018 and 2020. We must unify NOW. We must show the world Americans are still committed to the same traditionally American values of progress and equality that have inspired so many corners of the globe. We must reclaim our planet’s health in the name of all Americans and citizens of earth.

Our democracy has never faced a threat quite like the mania of the Trump administration and the runaway nihilism of the 115th Congress. We must counter Mr. Trump and his cabal at every turn, and we must decisively defeat them in 2018 and 2020. Only then can we begin to assess the damage and rebuild what Trump is rapidly desecrating.

We begin by coming together NOW and moving forward together. We begin by unifying over our abundance of common ground. We begin by acknowledging that what has become of our nation cannot stand. We begin by ignoring the small grains of sand on the floor and instead fight to keep the landslide next door from inundating our families and ourselves.

To the president, I can only add:

History will not be kind to you, sir, and neither will we. You are a child who cannot weigh the abundant evidence around you, or consider our nation’s standing in the world without squandering it.

You recklessly fail our country, and now, our planet, at every turn – even as immense opportunities for progress stare you in the face and lie within your grasp. If only you and your family weren’t so busy raiding our nation’s coffers to notice. If only you cared to act upon the opportunities of your office like a man instead of a child. In the end, you’re incapable of even making your own bad decisions, unless they come down to 140 characters.

In a matter of months you have become the president of nothing. All but the paranoid and prejudiced loathe you.

We will move this nation forward in spite of you, but we will not forget your treacherous ignorance, and the damage and humiliation you continue to pile upon our country, which we remain proud of and believe in, in spite of you.

You sir, have become liberty’s darkest hour.

We will remind you at every turn of what you have done. And we will defeat you on any level playing field of ideas, reality and reason.

History will not be kind. Neither will we.

Bald Eagle photo by Randy Hume
Tree of Nations graphic by Marie Guillard