LBJ Voting Rights Act 080665

The Voting Rights Act Meant to Ensure Every American Has Voting Access

This weekend marks the 57th Anniversary of the signing of the landmark Voting Rights Act on August 6, 1965.

The Act further facilitated the ability of all Americans to vote, and changed our nation for the better.

Inherent in the Voting Rights Act, as well as in our nation’s founding documents and social contract, is the peaceful transfer of power.

I know firsthand how important that is. I came up short in my 2018 campaign, but I accepted the results and never questioned them. The other candidate simply got more votes than I did. That was all there was to it.

And with my current campaign for District 6, I’m running to allow for another peaceful transfer of power – this time from Downtown to our neighborhoods. That’s why we say Neighborhoods First.

This requires your vote. But first, we need your help get the word out about our grassroots campaign.

And that’s why I’m asking, as I often do, for your financial support. Like votes, every dollar matters, and we’ve demonstrated our campaign can make our funding go further than any other local race this cycle. Donate today.