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There’s Really Only One Choice Facing District 6

Every election is a choice – a choice about the future of our neighborhood, our community, our city.

And there’s really only one choice facing District 6.

1  –  Do we allow the same people who have ignored our requests to fix our roads, make our communities safer, and listen to what we have to say buy our D6 seat for their chosen candidate? In this case, a candidate who takes no positions, offers no leadership, and will simply be there to provide a rubber stamp for Downtown. Or,

2  –  Do we raise a grassroots movement so overwhelming we match their money dollar-for-dollar and take back our council seat in November and put Neighborhoods First.

You know what the right choice is.

And as we saw with the primary results last week, plenty of our neighbors know what the right choice is too. After being wildly outspent, we fought our opponent to a draw.

Now, with your help, we can WIN!

Can you contribute $25 or $50 to help us hit our mid-month fundraising goal?

Hopefully this is one of the easier choices you make today.

I’m well aware everyone can’t donate every time we ask. But reading this lets us know you’re supportive of our effort, and if just one out of every three people reading this could give even a small amount, we’d quickly hit our goal.

Thank you for your generosity, your kind words and wishes, and the constant support. Now let’s win this for our District 6 community!