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Tommy Thanks Firefighters for Quick Action at Montongo Canyon

We dodged a bullet on Saturday in Mira Mesa, thanks to some favorable weather conditions and the quick response from the San Diego Fire Department, as the Batavia Fire in Montongo Canyon was kept to less than one acre.

Our “hometown” Mira Mesa fire stations 38 and 44 were first one the scene, followed by ladders 34, 35, and 36, along with resources from Poway and MCAS Miramar. I was pleased I had a chance to personally thank our firefighters and incident commanders on behalf of our Mira Mesa and larger District 6 community. Thank you to all our firefighters!

As your next District 6 councilmember I will ensure our fire department is fully funded with competitive packages so we don’t lose trained personnel to other departments, and that we have the needed number of personnel and fire stations available – including five new stations already in the pipeline – to keep pace with our growing city in the most fire-prone county in California

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