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Two Brush Fires in D6 Serve as Reminder Climate Change is Here

Two brush fires in District 6 this week could have grown into serious incidents were it not for the fast action and quick response of San Diego Fire and Rescue: one at Tecolote Canyon in Clairemont on Monday, the other south of Peñasquitos Canyon in Mira Mesa on Wednesday.

In both cases our communities were spared without injury or substantial property damage. But the message is clear. Climate change is here, and it is exacting a toll on all of us with a historic drought affecting California and the west, leading to increased water rates and fires that will only grow in regularity and severity as we head into the hottest months of the year.

I spoke with KUSI reporter Teresa Sardina about this at the Mira Mesa fire scene on Wednesday.

And with our climate crisis in mind, along with the city’s proposed changes to the very definition of parks, use of Developer Impact Fees (DIF), improper use of Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) lands, and the need to successfully arrive at our legally-binding Climate Action Plan goals by 2035, we are long overdue for an environmental champion on San Diego City Council.

I’ve been fighting for our District 6 neighborhoods and the environment for years, and I’ll continue to fight for our canyons, watersheds, open space, quality of life, and access to renewable energy as forcefully on San Diego City Council as I do as a San Diego County Planning Commissioner.

Support our grassroots effort in District 6 by contributing at our ActBlue page, and visit our updated tommyhough.com website.

Stay safe.

Speaking with KUSI at the scene of the fire in Mira Mesa on Wednesday.