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City Reverses Course – No Rezoning in South University City

Just when it seemed like we might be in for a lengthy fight over the south University City rezoning proposal, we learned late Thursday afternoon the city had altogether reversed its position.

According to an e-mail sent from the city’s Planning Department to the University City Community Plan Update (CPU) subcommittee, the city will only move forward with “land use scenarios focused on North University City,” and said “no changes will be included for the residential uses in South University City.”

That’s a win for the community, and marks the second time in a month our campaign has successfully helped push back, and win, against City Hall overreach – with the abundant help of neighbors and community stakeholders.

The first time was the dangerous single-lane realignment on the west end of Gold Coast Drive in Mira Mesa. I was the only District 6 candidate to speak out against the traffic realignment, and we helped galvanize neighbors to ensure their voices were also heard. After an apology from the mayor about the city’s lack of communication and transparency, the city restored the previous double-yellow traffic pattern on Gold Coast.

If the city had only reached out to neighborhood stakeholders earlier they would’ve been privy to more recent traffic data than what they were working with, but as was the case with Gold Coast, and as was the case when building support for the county’s acquisition and restoration of the Epicentre, when we look out for each other as neighbors and a community – we get results.

To be clear, the housing opportunities we need near jobs and potential transit are in Kearny Mesa and Miramar. Mira Mesa is holding up its end with the remainder of the Casa Mira View construction, 3 Roots, and the forthcoming Stone Creek development. And there are opportunities in northern UTC and Sorrento Valley to facilitate greater business “clusters” with housing built (or repurposed) within walkable tandem of offices and work spaces.

I was the only D6 candidate who decisively spoke out in forum after forum this spring against the rezoning of south University City. I gave straight answers, demonstrated the courage and wisdom to stand up to City Hall overreach when it occurs, and I have the drive and determination to work for a better District 6 to keep our neighborhoods safe, livable, and effectively planned. That’s why I need your support today.

Your primary ballot has arrived. Vote for the only D6 candidate who speaks up for, and consistently puts, Neighborhoods First.

Join us, and let’s win this for our D6 communities.