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Former Sierra Club Chair: “We Need to Support Tommy Hough Now”

As the former chair of the San Diego Sierra Club, I’ve had a front row seat for a lot of bad environmental behavior in our region, and the stakes have never been higher for our environment.

From destructive sprawl proposals in our wildfire-prone backcountry to a misunderstanding of the purpose of our Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP) to an outdated Climate Action Plan, we need an environmental champion on San Diego City Council – and Mira Mesa neighborhood advocate Tommy Hough is that candidate in District 6.

By virtue of his service as a San Diego County Planning Commissioner, his work with Surfrider and ReWild Mission Bay, as the co-founder of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, and his advocacy as a radio host on the Save Trestles campaign, wildfire awareness, climate, and the preservation of native species, Tommy Hough is a transformative candidate.

Support Tommy with a contribution today, or join us for our holiday fundraiser for Tommy this Sunday.

But with a December 31st fundraising deadline fast approaching, Tommy needs our support NOW. And as I mentioned, the stakes have never been higher.

An attempt to build an office park into the riparian creekbed of Carroll Creek, an area already managed as open space and MSCP land, makes it clear Downtown developers and lobbyists want to continue using District 6 to advance their own ends. The proposal is even a violation of Mira Mesa’s own community plan – yet one of Tommy’s D6 competitors has already voted to support it.

That’s why I implore you to lend your support to Tommy today. And it’s why I’m honored to join Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and Kristen Victor in inviting you to our Environmental Leaders Holiday Fundraiser for Tommy this Sunday, Dec. 12th, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the home of Dr. Cary Lowe.

Support the best environmental hope for the City of San Diego at our Holiday Fundraiser for Tommy on Sunday. The event flyer is below. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for entry.


Dr. Peter Andersen
Former Chair, San Diego Sierra Club