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We’re On Our Way to November Because of You

Great job everyone! After we beat back upwards of $200,000 of my opponent’s money during the primary, we’re now tied for the District 6 seat!

That’s a big deal, and a demonstration of our grassroots effort and how deep our neighborhood support is. You’re a big part of that!

But while the primary is over – the general election has begun.

That means I need your support NOW to build a competitive effort to counter the deluge of money the Downtown establishment is about to spend in support of my opponent. The City Hall power brokers who promoted the rezoning of south University City and dangerous lane realignment on Gold Coast Drive are similarly supporting my opponent.

Elections cost money. And we need funding for signs, door hangars, supplies for our volunteers, and all the other tools needed to get the message out about our grassroots campaign.

Make a contribution today, or host a coffee or neighborhood gathering in the next few weeks so I can meet with you and your neighbors and more fully address your specific concerns. If your organization has an upcoming meeting, let me know, I’d love to stop by!

Help support a grassroots neighborhood leader endorsed by the Sierra Club, San Diego Union-Tribune, Supervisor Terra-Lawson Remer, and many others as your next District 6 councilmember.

When we come together as a community, we get results. Let’s finish the job and take back our District 6 seat from Downtown special interests in 2022!

Check out recent stories on the primary results in the San Diego Union-Tribune and Times of San Diego.