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Election Day: The Stakes Are Too High Not to Vote

Election Day is here, and if you haven’t voted yet please do so. The need is too urgent.

With two community plan updates on the line in Mira Mesa and University City in District 6, the stakes are too high not to vote. We need someone fighting for our interests at City Hall, not another Downtown “yes man.”

If elected, I will break the cycle of ceding the power of our communities and council seat to Downtown special interests, and I will ensure our quality of life and decision-making capability for how development occurs in our neighborhoods is taken seriously.

We must stand fast against the Trash Tax. We need more money to hire more police officers, pay them better, and retain them on the force for greater public safety. And we need to ensure taxpayer money throwaways like the 101 Ash Street bailout never happen again.

I will always prioritize preserving our environment, and I will fight to ensure we have the park space, fire stations, and infrastructure needed for the volume of new residents we’re expecting over the next several decades. And at long last, our broken roads must be rebuilt.

To find your nearest polling place or vote center where you can vote in person or drop off your ballot, visit the Voting Options page at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters website. You may also want to try the I Will Vote website. Polls are open until 8 p.m. this evening.

If you have specific questions about your voting location, call me at (619) 805-6365.

Can I ask you to chip in a little something extra today as we wrap up the campaign?

Over the course of this amazing 20-month effort I’ve learned so much going door-to-door and talking with you and your neighbors. I’m certain every conversation I’ve had along the way will make me a better, more effective councilmember.

If elected my team is ready to go, and I’m ready to deliver the strong, responsive, granular representation our D6 Communities deserve when I take office next month.

We’re walking, waving, and hustling all day with the good news and good cheer that’s been the hallmark of our campaign. With your help, and your vote, we can ensure real middle class representation for District 6.

Thank you, and if you missed it yesterday, NBC San Diego filed a report on the final full day of campaigning in the District 6 race.