Testifying in support of a single-use plastic bag ban.

For Leadership and Experience, There’s Only One Choice for D6

Last Monday a water main break along the east end of Gold Coast Drive burst into a deluge.

Within minutes I was receiving calls and texts from neighbors about the flood of water and mud. Minutes later I was on-site. A crew working on the street had accidentally pierced the water main, so my first call was to Councilmember Cate’s office to inform him of the break.

We later learned the leak was sealed and a dip in neighbors’ water pressure along Gold Coast, Thanksgving Lane, and Three Seasons Rd. was, thankfully, only temporary.

The message, however, was clear. Neighbors already look to me as a community leader because I’ve been advocating for them for years on rebuilding Gold Coast Drive and Parkdale, restoring the Epicentre, preserving our open space and environment, and speaking at their front door throughout my 2018 and 2022 council races.

Earlier this year, when a bizarre bicycle lane appeared out of nowhere on the west end of Gold Coast Drive, pedestrians and motorists stopped me in the street to ask what was happening.

For the next two weeks I was on-site helping neighbors register their concerns about the lack of outreach from City Hall, and bringing media to see the dangerous alignment.

Later, when the city proposed to rezone one-third of south University City, I stood with neighbors to advocate for the community and a more a sensible solution.

To me, this is leadership – stepping up when there are problems to be solved, weighing solutions, facilitating discussions, and working together to improve our communities’ quality of life.

If you can’t make time to volunteer with our campaign, make a donation today! Campaigns cost money and our opponent has the entire Downtown establishment behind him.

But every dollar we raise helps us buy more signs, send more mail, and gets the word out about our Neighborhoods First effort.

The amount doesn’t matter – every bit helps. But we only get one shot at this, and crunch time has arrived.

If you’re ready for a change at City Hall and a more responsive Neighborhoods First city council that serves as a counterweight instead if a rubber stamp, your vote is critical. Ballots are out now, and we need your support more than ever. If your ballot has arrived, don’t wait – VOTE.