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A Terrible Day for Our Nation

June 24, 2022

As a candidate for San Diego City Council, I dislike delving into partisan politics. In a non-partisan race like the one for District 6, the question isn’t whether you’re a […]

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There’s Really Only One Choice Facing District 6

June 16, 2022

Every election is a choice – a choice about the future of our neighborhood, our community, our city. And there’s really only one choice facing District 6. 1  –  Do […]

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Let’s Finish the Job With a Win in November

June 14, 2022

Thank you for the kind words and support in the wake of our primary success last week. We’re excited to move on to November! The news that we beat back upwards […]

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Choose Real Leadership This Election Year, Not Hype

June 10, 2022

District 6 faces a critical decision this year. For the first time since 2014, our D6 communities have an open seat to fill on San Diego City Council, and an opportunity to […]

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We’re On Our Way to November Because of You

June 9, 2022

Great job everyone! After we beat back upwards of $200,000 of my opponent’s money during the primary, we’re now tied for the District 6 seat! That’s a big deal, and […]

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Hough Beats Back $200,000 of Opponent’s Spending in Primary

June 8, 2022

In an example of grassroots messaging and “blocking and tackling” campaign basics holding fast against Downtown special interests and establishment money, Democrat Tommy Hough fought fellow San Diego District 6 […]

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The Many Miles That Lead to This Day

June 7, 2022

Well, that does it for another pair of shoes. But if my “primary shoes” could talk, they’d share the stories they’ve heard over the many miles I’ve walked this past year […]

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Don’t Let Downtown Money Buy Our Council Seat

June 3, 2022

As you’ve seen in your mailbox, Downtown money and influence has made its way into our District 6 council race – and is trying to buy your vote. This is […]

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The Time is Now! Vote for Tommy Hough Today

May 31, 2022

One week from now is Election Day. Together, we can change the way San Diego works. We did it by bringing attention to the dangerous repainting on Gold Coast Drive. […]

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Tommy Endorsed by the San Diego Union-Tribune

May 20, 2022

Describing my remarks at the recent San Diego Union-Tribune D6 candidate forum as “informed and ready to represent,” our campaign was delighted to learn that we earned the endorsement of the San Diego […]

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