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Tommy Talks with KUSI About Ash Street and Gold Coast Drive

Thanks to KUSI News for spotlighting the long-delayed capital improvement program (CIP) to rebuild Gold Coast Drive, our District 6 community’s long-neglected road, along with Parkdale Ave. from Mira Mesa Blvd. to Salk Elementary.

Even more important, thanks to the news outlet for tying together how funds earmarked for park and road maintenance projects will instead be diverted to pay for the 101 Ash Street settlement, as first detailed in the San Diego Union-Tribune last month.

A civil engineer with the city’s Public Works Department will give an update on Gold Coast Drive and the status of the CIP rebuild plan at the Mira Mesa Planning Group this Monday, Aug. 15th, at 7 p.m.

When neighbors ask what the biggest difference is between myself and my opponent, the answer is simple. I’m the grassroots candidate prepared to go to bat and fight for our neighborhoods. My opponent, on the other hand, is looking out for the Downtown special interests that are funding his campaign.

In fact, many of the same city politicians behind the 101 Ash Street settlement, which will strip away millions in city funds, are also supporting my opponent. On Tuesday I spoke with KUSI about the 101 Ash Street settlement’s impacts to road and park spending.

The same City Hall apparatus supporting my opponent is also pushing the recently announced Mira Mesa Community Plan draft update, which will increase Mira Mesa’s population by a whopping 42 percent (!) while stripping away traffic lanes, but without including greater park space, more effective transit options, or truly affordable housing.

This the same City Hall apparatus that supported the now-shelved, radical rezoning of south University City, the dangerous lane realignment on Gold Coast Dr., and the city’s 20-year franchise extension for San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE), now gouging ratepayers and attempting to subvert rooftop solar.

As I mentioned at a San Diego Climate Hub event yesterday at Mission Bay, if I’d been elected during my first run for the D6 seat in 2018, I would’ve been the deciding vote on council against that 20-year SDGE deal.

I will fight to put our neighborhoods and ratepayers first.